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Commited to Net Zero Energy 

Generally speaking, a net zero energy building produces as much or more renewable energy to as it consumes over a year. Net zero energy homes and buildings achieve this goal primarily through energy conservation methods like superior insulation techniques to drive down heating and cooling loads and through additional energy-efficient technology and reduced plug loads.

Green Hammer works with third-party certifiers such as Earth Advantage and the International Living Future Institute to design and build net zero energy homes, communities and buildings in Portland and Southern Oregon. These zero energy buildings produce as much renewable energy as they use over the course of a year through a combination of cost-effective zero energy design that minimizes energy requirements and utilizes renewable energy systems to meet reduced energy needs. As much as possible, Green Hammer works with clients to track buildings’ energy to ensure we meet our zero net energy goals.  We’re proud to report that multiple projects are meeting or exceeding their net zero energy goals.

Net Zero Energy Homes Portland Oregon
Learn more about net zero energy design in this case study about Ankeny Row, a net zero energy community in Portland, Oregon. After one year of operation, Ankeny Row’s five townhomes, common room and apartment produced 18% moreelectricity than they consumed. Our 16 unit Tillamook Row cohousing project and 12 unit Rose Villa senior living project both completed in 2018 and early 2019 respectively are both on track for net zero energy as well.  

Net Zero Energy Winery

Learn more about our first net zero energy building in Southern Oregon by reading our case study about the tasting room at Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden. Since the completion of the Cowhorn tasting room, we're design-building our third net zero energy home in Southern Oregon. We're working on net zero energy homes in Medford, Jacksonville, White City and Shady Cove.  We hope to bring net zero energy homes to Ashland and the surrounding areas to expand our net zero community in Southern Oregon.  

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