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Josh Gabbard

Architectural Associate
  • Josh Gabbard

For as long as he can remember, Josh has been drawn to both art and the natural world. The two merged in a meaningful way while he was studying architecture at the University of Oregon and tending the fields of an urban farm in Portland.

“I was learning about the soil inputs and human care that goes into the cycle of organic farming at the same time I was learning about the materials and supply chains that go into buildings,” he said. “That’s when my curiosity for low carbon architecture and regenerative building materials took hold.”

He says he was drawn to Green Hammer because of the firm's collaborative design build process, commitment to low carbon buildings, and ability to take on big challenges. “I aspire to be part of a team that is pushing the envelope and proving what is possible.”

An architectural associate, Josh brings good design instincts, experience in natural building methods, and a deep interest in understanding upfront and operational carbon in buildings. He likes using different mediums — from hand drawing to water coloring to 3D modeling and renderings — to bring ideas to life.

When he’s not working, he is likely creating art, attending a concert, or exploring the Pacific Northwest with his dog, Banjo.