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Justin Cole

Field Manager
  • Justin Cole

A warm and friendly person who is quick to pick up new skills, Justin stepped into the role of Field Manager in 2022. He started out as our Warranty Manager, splitting his time between overseeing product installs as a way to minimize future warranty requests, and meeting with clients who are experiencing issues with products or technologies.  

“Almost every time I visit a client, they are ecstatic about their new home,” he says. “My job is helping turn a potentially negative situation into a positive.”

Green Hammer provides a one-year warranty on all projects. Having someone like Justin who is dependable and personable on hand to manage any issues that arise helps ensure clients are happy and also gives the team valuable insights we can share with our trade partners.

In addition to being a problem solver, Justin is focused on quality control. “A big part of my job is preventing mistakes from happening,” he says. That might mean shadowing the install of a new roof or heat recovery ventilator or meeting with a manufacturer to learn more about the proper installation of a product.  

Justin says he was drawn to Green Hammer because of the amount of consideration everyone brings to their work. “Everyone genuinely cares about one another, about the planet, and about doing high-quality work with integrity.”

When he is not working, Justin likes to play in the outdoors with his three kids.