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Dylan Lamar

Contract Architect + Energy Consultant
  • Dylan Lamar

Dylan brings experience and technical expertise to Green Hammer’s Passivhaus projects.

Equal parts architect, building scientist, and author, Dylan Lamar blends an aesthetic and philosophical vision with the pragmatism and diligence of an engineer. He is among the most experienced Passivhaus consultants in the country, having designed and consulted on many of the “firsts” among Passivhaus buildings in the US. These include the first affordable, single-family Passivhaus in Illinois in 2004 (while working with Katrin Klingeberg of the Passive House Institute US), as well as one of the first Passivhaus office buildings in the country (CAPACES Leadership Institute, 2010) and affordable multifamily Passive Housing (Orchards at Orenco, 2012). In 2009 he translated the Passivhaus energy modeling software (PHPP) from metric to US customary units enabling widespread use of the tool by US practitioners.

His pioneering Passivhaus work is but one facet of the paradigm shift he promotes for the sustainability of our human-built environment. In 2010 he published the manifesto, Urbanize & Insulate: The Development of a Fossil-Fuel Exit Strategy, which bridges the disciplines of planning and architecture. Dylan, a licensed Architect, holds degrees in civil/structural engineering and architecture, and has worked with building-energy research labs at the University of Illinois and University of Oregon. He has also studied indigenous, natural construction techniques in South America and New Mexico.

When not in the trenches of such work, Dylan enjoys backpacking in the wilderness ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest, as well as design-build crafts such as woodworking and stained glass. He maintains an active Zen practice that sustains his daily efforts, and infuses a sense of the poetic within the ebb and flow of his work.

After eight years as an architect at Green Hammer, Dylan transitioned to Eugene Oregon to become an enterprising developer-architect. The mission of his work continues to center on sustainable housing and walkable neighborhoods. As a developer Dylan aims to transform the built environment to address the challenges of housing affordability, climate change and fossil fuel dependence. Dylan continues to consult with Green Hammer as an architect and Passive House consultant.

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