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Faces of Healthy and Inspiring Buildings

  • Erica Dunn

“People see and feel the difference when they step inside our buildings,” says Erica Dunn, Green Hammer’s Director of Design.

They also see the difference in their utility bills.  “I love getting a zero-kilowatt electric bill.  And I like living in a community of friends, and being able to bike or walk to the grocery store,” says Francie Royce, cofounder of Ankeny Row, a Zero Net energy community in southeast Portland designed and built by Green Hammer.  In 2016, Ankeny Row’s six townhomes produced 18 percent more electricity than they consumed.

By integrating Passive House design principles, Green Hammer’s unified design-build approach has proven to be extremely effective at helping clients, such as the owners of Ankeny Row, create healthy and inspiring buildings built to endure.

“Our planet needs smart solutions and we are proving that good business sense and sustainability are not mutually exclusive,” says Dunn.

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