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The Sierra Club Interviews Green Hammer Founder, Stephen Aiguier

7.6.07 by the Green Hammer Team

by Sierra Club
July 6, 2007

Although he comes from a long line of builders, and put himself through college as a journeyman carpenter, Stephen Aiguier didn't cut a straight line back to his family profession. Only after getting a degree in community development and applied economics, working for an organic chocolate company, and putting in a short stint at a securities brokerage did he found his Portland, Oregon-based contracting firm.... Read the full interview


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11.15.14 1:11
"..."Green building" shouldn't even be a term; it should just be the way we do things: low-impact, using the materials around you." This is so true. Aren't we lucky to have people such as Stephen who's a professional and yet cares for our environment? I know we have lots of them. Somewhere. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview. <a rel = "nofollow" href="">emergency tree removal marietta</a>
4.2.15 12:04
That is the most awesome field of forewls ever and your photos are gorgeous! I'm finding myself envious of people who post pictures in fields of beautiful forewls. We have grass. =) Anyway, love your post this week Sarah!
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